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As you may well have guessed, “Gus” is a pseudonym. Not in an attempt to avoid accountability, as is far too often the case online. Instead, Gus is a nom de plume in the grand literary tradition — not that Gus is intending to be either grand nor literary. In fact, Gus was specifically selected for the name’s utter lack of pretentiousness and pomposity. Because as far as names go:

Gus has been around the block a few times

Gus gives you the straight dope

Gus has a hankering for common sense

Gus is one of the good guys

Gus won’t get all hoity-toity on you

Gus has scruples

Gus has gumption

Gus is not easily flummoxed

Gus has little patience for know-it-all’s and lollygagger’s

Gus won’t take any guff

Gus will tell it like it was… like it is… and most importantly, like it should be!

In short, there’s a lot of Gus in all of us. Or maybe it’s a lot of us in all of Gus. At this point it’s kind of hard to tell. But either way, Gus gets it!


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