Is it really unreasonable to expect that after decades and decades of practice, I’d have achieved some level of mastery in realm of sleep? I mean, clearly I’ve attained a measure of basic proficiency, because I am able to consistently fall asleep, stay asleep, and manage to subsequently (and somewhat important to the “being” aspect […]

I live in an area with a seemingly inordinate number of dogs… which doesn’t bother me at all because I generally like most dogs… but annoys my dog to no end because he generally doesn’t. More and more, I see my dog becoming a canine curmudgeon of sorts, getting a bit crotchety and cantankerous at […]

I’m betting that like me, you don’t know, nor have ever likely met, someone who would come right out and say “I have horrible taste in music.” And like me, I imagine that you also know all kinds of people who do, in fact, have horrible taste in music (which in large part explains why […]

If you had just landed on the planet, with no prior knowledge, background, or context of humans, and were asked to use your superior intellect and interstellar logic to match a pair of pants and a skirt with the lower half of anatomically correct male and female bodies, who do you think ends up sporting […]

For the exceedingly ordinary and dull, law-abiding, societal conformist, beating a traffic ticket is about as close as we ever get to rebellious badassery. And while I’m sure that if you’re an attractive woman with a sweet smile and outstanding cleavage there is also a sense of gratification in getting out of tickets altogether, in […]