Not like I’ve been watching intently, or keeping a tally (let’s just say it’s 42… obviously because that’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything), but my next door neighbors spend less time at home than just about anybody I know. I am aware of this, of course, because I apparently spend more time […]

In my personal experience, there are three glaring errors/omissions in the “sausage for breakfast” (just threw in that title because it makes my inner 13 year-old boy giggle) scenario pictured above: Rather than just sitting idly by, she would be earnestly texting her best friend something along the lines of “OMG, how can I get […]

Not that you particularly wanted or needed to know, but when I’m not generating Gusertations (such as this one) for shits and giggles (somebody really needs to explain that expression, because for me at least, shits and giggles are typically neither commingled reactions, nor desired compensation… but I digress), I’m self-employed (essentially the modern day […]

Whenever I start to think there is no limit to the crap I’ll watch just because it managed to get it on TV, I remind myself that I still only watch soccer every four years, which serves to reassure me that I do in fact maintain some minimal standards. The World Cup first got my […]