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Who invented exercise? Probably the same sadistic jerkwad who developed the snooze button. To clarify, despite my being highly skilled in the role of useless lump, I’m all for activity that helps to keep me from turning into a giant tub of goo. But even so, somewhere along the way, tub of goo aversion activity […]

I’m still kind of waiting for the “joys of home ownership” bill of goods that I kept hearing about growing-up. Having the shrewd financial foresight (ladies and gentlemen, sarcasm) to not join the home buyer’s parade until 2005, I’ve yet to see anything remotely resembling appreciation in value on either of the two homes I’ve […]

I’m betting that like me, you don’t know, nor have ever likely met, someone who would come right out and say “I have horrible taste in music.” And like me, I imagine that you also know all kinds of people who do, in fact, have horrible taste in music (which in large part explains why […]

If you had just landed on the planet, with no prior knowledge, background, or context of humans, and were asked to use your superior intellect and interstellar logic to match a pair of pants and a skirt with the lower half of anatomically correct male and female bodies, who do you think ends up sporting […]

Not like I’ve been watching intently, or keeping a tally (let’s just say it’s 42… obviously because that’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything), but my next door neighbors spend less time at home than just about anybody I know. I am aware of this, of course, because I apparently spend more time […]