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I’m betting that like me, you don’t know, nor have ever likely met, someone who would come right out and say “I have horrible taste in music.” And like me, I imagine that you also know all kinds of people who do, in fact, have horrible taste in music (which in large part explains why […]

In my personal experience, there are three glaring errors/omissions in the “sausage for breakfast” (just threw in that title because it makes my inner 13 year-old boy giggle) scenario pictured above: Rather than just sitting idly by, she would be earnestly texting her best friend something along the lines of “OMG, how can I get […]

Microphone in spotlight on a stage

I have a friend (hard to believe, I know, but some people are near impossible to drive off). Let’s call him “Rufus” (pausing to ponder whether I’ve ever actually met a Mexican named Rufus… but I digress). Since I knew him at the point he first decided to follow his dream of fame, fortune, and […]