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I’ve been remiss in posting, postulating, ranting, raving, or whatever the hell this is… and God knows I hate to let what’s wrong with all of you go unrecognized and unexamined… but lately life has been kind of remiss in ceasing to rain blows of all kinds to my spiritual/emotional groin. You might be inclined […]

I watch way too much TV. Or perhaps I should clarify and say that I have the TV on in my house way too much. I’ve come to realize that when contemplating and confronting just how much television is a part of my day-to-day existence, I quickly point out to anyone who will listen that […]

Is it really unreasonable to expect that after decades and decades of practice, I’d have achieved some level of mastery in realm of sleep? I mean, clearly I’ve attained a measure of basic proficiency, because I am able to consistently fall asleep, stay asleep, and manage to subsequently (and somewhat important to the “being” aspect […]

I live in an area with a seemingly inordinate number of dogs… which doesn’t bother me at all because I generally like most dogs… but annoys my dog to no end because he generally doesn’t. More and more, I see my dog becoming a canine curmudgeon of sorts, getting a bit crotchety and cantankerous at […]