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I watch way too much TV. Or perhaps I should clarify and say that I have the TV on in my house way too much. I’ve come to realize that when contemplating and confronting just how much television is a part of my day-to-day existence, I quickly point out to anyone who will listen that […]

At the point any of my friends would announce they’re having children, I’d almost involuntarily begin an enthusiastic and extended campaign offering unsolicited, and admittedly ridiculous, baby name suggestions. Why? Because it amuses me (the parents to be… generally not so much amused). But in my book it really is a spectacular opportunity for word […]

Microphone in spotlight on a stage

I have a friend (hard to believe, I know, but some people are near impossible to drive off). Let’s call him “Rufus” (pausing to ponder whether I’ve ever actually met a Mexican named Rufus… but I digress). Since I knew him at the point he first decided to follow his dream of fame, fortune, and […]